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American Diesel Corp was founded in 1981 by Bob Smith, who is the former head of Lehman Ford engines. He was responsible for the development of the Lehman engine in the design and worldwide sales of the engine.

After leaving Lehman Power, Bob formed this new company, American Diesel Corp, continuing with the marinization of Ford Industrial diesel engines. Ford put their new Dover series engines into production in the early 1980’s, so the timing was perfect for ADC to design a marinization in much the same manner as the Lehman 120.  Our first Dover engines were our model 6N136’s. In later years Ford up dated the 2725E engines to become the Dover-Tech series, our current model 6N140 engines that are still available today.

American Diesel is the experts on Ford Industrial marine engines. We offer the same courteous and knowledgeable assistance to Ford Diesel owners that made Lehman special in the marine industry. New owners of previously owned Lehman powered boats can call and get the same assistance offered to the first owner back in the day.

If you request information by Email, please tell us the engine model and boat details. We will Email you; spare parts lists, cruise kit lists and our new owner’s suggestions. American Diesel has a special relationship with Passagemaker and their TrawlerFest Events. For those wanting to gain hands on training with the Lehman engine, Bob offers a two day “hands on” training class several times a year. All class registrations are handled by Passagemaker who may be reached at their web site for more information.


Text Box: For parts, a replacement engine, or just good assistance 
phone: 804-435-3107, fax: 888-474-2929 or Email:  Bob at  We look forward to hearing!