bob-teaching-classAMERICAN DIESEL CORP – – Who are we?

Bob Smith founded this company in 1981 after leaving Lehman Power as the managing director of that company. Bob was instrumental in the design and sale of the Lehman Ford engines sold worldwide. His knowledge of each engine part and the boats into which they were installed has made ADC the leader in parts supply and support of the Lehman’s. We as a company provide the same engine support as would have been provided to the first boat owner back in the day. Customer Service and Support is what made Lehman the engine of choice as the trawler market developed.

DieselWkShop02Today, ADC is run by Bob’s son Brian Smith. Brian has grown up with the Ford engines and has every bit of the knowledge and experience to assist owners. He will spend all the time needed to help owners in their hour of need.

American Diesel is the company to turn to when you need parts to maintain your Ford Diesel!

What about Bob? – – – he is still working, but has slowed down due in part to various health issues. TrawlerFest no longer wants his assistance, therefore, ADC is offering the Bob Smith Hands On training class on our own. Please see Bob’sBlog ( for up to date information.