New Owners of Lehman SP135 & SP90hp Engines
Here are Things you should do to bring your engine up to date!

Recovery System. Add a reclaim bottle and replace the original filler cap with one having an upper gasket for sealing. The recovery system will remove all air from the closed cooling system. You must first check the overflow pipe to be sure it is clear. Most overflows will require drilling out at the tank. If you have questions phone ADC.
822-5007 Recovery Bottle w/New Cap

Replacement Neck & Top Sealing Cap.  When the old tank neck cracks and leaks it is time to install a new neck. Always install a new cap having an upper gasket to assure the recovery bottle will draw back.
822-0007   Cap    L1F63  Neck  


One Piece Pump & Drive Assembly. After 2000 hours, or cruising to remote areas, you should carry a new pump on board. The original Jabsco pump is extremely expensive to rebuild, when a new shaft and bearings are needed. Replacement is usually costs far less.
822-0148   Water Pump, without Gear
JON01-35200 Gear only
JON09-45583 Repair Kit
510-1234         Rebuild Kit 


Replace all water hoses. Our kit will supply all of the water hoses required on your engine. The hoses are original molded shapes with wire inserts where needed.
510-4216   Lehman 135, 6 Cylinder
510-4214   Lehman 90,   4 Cylinder

Heat Exchanger. Inspect the main heat exchanger by removing the end covers and looking through the tubes with a light. If necessary flush with water or remove for more detailed cleaning. Projected life in salt water is 2000 hours, but it is impossible to predict exactly due to other variance of conditions such as electrolysis and sand wear. Suggest you carry a spare exchanger after 2000 hours, or if cruising in remote areas.
822-0232  Lehman 135  Exchanger (copper)
822-0239 Lehman 120  Exchanger (CuNi)
822-0242  Lehman  90   Exchanger (copper)
822-0240  Lehman  90   Exchanger (CuNi      
Oil Coolers The most critical oil cooler on your Lehman engine is the Borg Warner transmission cooler. When it develops a leak, seawater will fill the Warner gear, requiring the transmission to be taken apart for proper cleaning and re sealing. Suggested replacement time is at1200 hours.Transmission Oil Coolers822-0207  Oil cooler, (copper) SP90 & 135
822-0212  Oil cooler, (CuNi) SP90 & 135
822-3212  Oil cooler, (CuNi w/zinc) SP90&135

Engine Oil Coolers
822-0235  Oil cooler, (copper)  SP135
822-0236  Oil cooler, (CuNi) SP135
822-0233  Oil cooler, (copper)  SP90
822-0238  Oil cooler, (CuNi)  SP90
Motor Mounts.
Inspect motor mounts and do ashaft alignment
831-0326  ADC Mount
L2M32  Lehman Mount
Exhaust Elbow. Inspect the exhaust elbow for rust as shown on the attached photo. The original L1A397 Elbow was a cast iron part, which rusted from the inside. Remove 3.5” O.D. exhaust hose from the bib. This will allow inspection of the water port and other internal portions of the elbow. The factory changed the material to stainless steel which is now supplied using the same part number.
L1A397    Exhaust Elbow, 3.5” Bib, hose end
L1C43      Gasket
844-0856  Elbow, Water connection    
Oil Change Hose Kit. Install our oil drain kit in place of the original oil pan drain plug. This kit makes the chore of removing oil a snap. It pulls all oil from the bottom of the pan in a matter of minutes, with either a hand or electrical pump. Ask about our electrical oil change packages, available for permanent installation.
510-1020 Oil Drain Kit
Alternator Replacement. Most of the Lehman SP range of engines came equipped with a French Motorola alternator. These units have had a reputation for being a poor design, early failure and expensive repair. Our answer is to replace them with a 65-amp American Made Motorola unit, proven for dependability. In making the change, the mounting base, tensioning slide arm, and pulley must be replaced.
510-0502 Alternator Kit (SP90 & 135) w/hardware
821-0209 Vee Belt
Drive Damper. Inspect your drive damper if you have more than 2500 hours on the engine. If the rear engine supports are mounted on the transmission, a means to support the back of the engine must be devised. Contact us for guidance on how to best handle your inspection.
830-0007 Drive Damper (Lehman SP90 & SP135) 
SP Series Owners Manual & Parts Manual
L4C91 Manual