New Owners of Lehman 120 & 80hp Engines
Here are Things you should do to bring your engine up to date!

Expansion Tank Neck & Recovery System.
Install our modern design expansion tank filler neck with reclaim bottle. This makes filling the engine easy and eliminates all air in the closed cooling system.
Part Number 510-2100
One Piece Pump & Drive Assembly.
Check the D365 Pump Drive for a worn
drive tang indicating failed bearings. If worn
replace it with the new one-piece pump and
drive assembly with gear.
Part Number 510-0201
Replace all water hoses. Our kit will supply all of the hoses required for your engine. Hoses are the original molded shape with wire inserts where needed.
Lehman 120, 6 Cylinder Part Number 510-4116
Lehman 80, 4 Cylinder Part Number 510-4114
½“ Oil Cooler/Filter Oil Line Kit. Replace the three oil lines connecting the engine oil filter and oil cooler with this set of ½” I.D. lines. The original Lehman lines were 3/8” I.D. Causing a restriction to the engine oil flow. Customers report an oil pressure increase of between 5 and 10psi after installing these lines.
Lehman 120, 6 Cylinder Part Number 510-4186
Lehman 80, 4 Cylinder Part Number 510-4184
Transmission and Engine Oil Coolers. The Borg Warner transmission cooler is the most critical oil cooler on your Lehman engine. When it develops a leak, seawater will fill the Warner gear requiring the transmission to be taken apart for proper cleaning and re sealing. Suggested replacement is at 1200 hours.
Oil cooler Part Number 822-0207
Oil cooler CuNi Part Number 822-0212
Oil cooler CuNi w/zinc Pencil Part Number 822-3212
Heat Exchanger. Check out the main heat exchanger by removing the end covers and looking through the tubes with a light. If necessary flush with water or remove for more detailed cleaning. Projected life in salt water is 2000 hours, but it is impossible to predict exactly due to other variance of conditions such as electrolysis and sand wear. Suggest carry a spare after 2000 hours or if cruising in remote areas.
Lehman 120 Part Number 822-0211 Exchanger (copper)
Lehman 120 Part Number 822-0218 Exchanger (CuNi)
Lehman 80 Part Number 822-0213 Exchanger (copper)
Lehman 80 Part Number 822-0219 Exchanger (CuNi)
Exhaust Elbow. Replace the exhaust elbow before the bottom blows out as shown on the attached photo. The standard 810-0371 Lehman 120 elbow has a 3.5″ O.D. hose bib for attachment of the exhaust hose. Lehman 80 engines used the 810-0372 Elbow supplied with a 3″ O.D. hose bib. It is OK to use the 3.5″ on a four cylinder. Some installations require the 810-0283, 3″ female pipe
thread elbow for installation of a 90 degree sweep fitting.
Part Number 810-0371 Exhaust Elbow, 3.5″ Bib
Part Number 510-0301 Elbow Kit, w/gasket, elbow & bolts
Part Number L1A372 Exhaust Elbow, 3″ Bib
Part Number 810-0283 Exhaust Elbow, 3 F Pipe Thread
Oil Change Hose Kit. Install our oil drain kit in place of the original oil pan drain plug. This kit makes the chore of removing oil a snap. It pulls all oil from the pan in a matter of minutes, with either a hand or electrical pumps. Ask about our electrical oil change packages, available for permanent installation.
Part Number 510-1020 Oil Drain Kit
Electric Stop Kit. Replace the old box type electric stop with the new stronger style unit. You may purchase the complete assembly with mounting bracket, or only the solenoid and connection link. To use your bracket, you will need to position and drill two mounting holes in the original bracket.
Part Number 510-0530 Electric Stop Kit complete w/ Bracket
Part Number 824-0211 Solenoid only
Part Number 833-9530 Connection Link
Drive Damper. Inspect your drive damper if you have more than 2500 hours on the engine. This could be a difficult or easy job depending upon where the rear engine supports are mounted to the engine or the transmission. If mounted on the transmission, a means to support the back of the engine must be devised. Contact us for guidance on how to best handle your inspection.
Part Number830-0007 Drive Damper (Lehman 80 & 120)